The Life of Mary Lyons

Below is an article I found on Trove recently from the Mackay Daily Mercury of 1941.  It was the inspiration behind the next post.  As if someone was looking down from above, it mysteriously came into my life at the same time I was about to write about William Lyons joining the Militia in 1890.  Click on the link below to read the article.



2 thoughts on “The Life of Mary Lyons

  1. I look forward to your ‘story’ from this clipping, it is a brilliant find and I am sure will give you several posts. Local Newspapers are providing many of my stories but I can’t write as well as you, yet! I love the way you turn the few facts you know into a story that is likely, credible and true to the times. Thank you for sharing this with the world, it is brilliant.
    Sylvia (


    • Thank you Sylvia. It was completely by chance that I found that article. We have a government website called Trove where they have digitalized all of the major and regional newspapers from around Australia starting from year dot to 1998. That is as far as they have got I think. I just typed in my Great Great Grandmother’s name and that came up. Yes you are right…it will provide inspiration for more than one post.


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