Monday Musings from The Writer’s Desk


Hello once again from my desk!

Have you ever wondered about resurrecting the dead?  Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What would happen if I could resurrect a loved one, just for one year?”

Well, I have done just that.  And, I can hear your comments already, you think I have gone stark raving mad!  Perhaps I have.  But, I assure you I haven’t.  Just listen for a moment and I will tell you what I have done.

Facebook has long been something that I have kept at bay.  No-one that I could see, had anything worthwhile to say.  It seemed to be like a troubled mind with words, phrases and images whirring around mindlessly all the time.  It is obviously an addictive phenomena that kept its subjects fixated on finding their next fix.  However, in order to share my weekly blog posts, I realized that facebook is the best tool to use.  Then I discovered that it can be a wonderful forum for family members to reminisce and remember the past.

My story began on new years day, by posting photos of all those who were dear, but who are no longer here. That simple gesture attracted quite a lot of hype, from family, both distant and immediate. The comments came in waves, back and forth, as different ones remembered the faces from the past.  Then one day, as a result of a joke, I decided to bring back my Grandfather for one year.  It began with a letter from the man himself which of course was channelled through me!

From thereon, I posted a weekly photo of my Grandfather who passed away 43 years ago.  It has taken me by surprise, by prompting conversations, delving deep into our stores of Grandad memories.  Sometimes a simple photograph can produce an entire story, a chapter in our family’s history.  Other times we extract one or two small details of his life. Collectively as each cousin, sister or aunt peruses the weekly posts, I have created a treasure trove of details, both large and small.

Mind you, I chose an easy character to revive as he filled our lives with so much laughter and joy.  He has provided us with a lifetime of stories. He was bigger than life and in fact when the time came for his final curtain call, he couldn’t slip away quietly.  No, he went out with a huge bang as his damaged heart blew his life away.  But, that was typical of Grandad’s way.

Yes, the family all miss Grandad very much, but by creating a weekly feed of conversation, it is the next best thing to having him here himself.  We reminisce the good times and ask questions about his life, to which someone can usually come up with an answer.  So, I suggest you try it.  It is so much fun and you will be surprised what you find out about your dearly departed loved ones.




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