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The stories in this blog, “Behind the Cupboard Doors” are a compilation of my own and other family members’ memories and no guarantees of accuracy should be presumed.  Everyone has their own set of memories from events long ago.  Some scenes have been fictionalized in order to enhance readability, which I have noted as such. Information should not be relied upon for any legal reasons and users should verify the information for themselves.

It is not intended to include any information which, even if true, would be the cause of hurt or embarrassment to any living person. Some information, even though documented as factual and correct, is better left unpublished for some years if it is the cause of hurt to any living persons.

“Behind the Cupboard Doors” is a celebration of my ancestors’ lives. My intention is to share what I know of them, celebrate their achievements (often in adverse circumstances) and appreciate that the tribulations we may face in our own lives would not be unfamiliar to earlier generations.

Even though information is included with the understanding that it is correct and that it recognises the ordeals as well as triumphs of our ancestors, it is appreciated that other people may interpret the information differently. If any persons consider that information on this web-site is incorrect or is the cause of hurt or embarrassment to themselves or to others, they are requested to send an e-mail to:



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